Air Tanks Plus Launch New PCP Airguns Product

Airguns were developed in the 16th century and have since been used in hunting, for fun and sport, and even in warfare. Air Tanks Plus is a company dedicated to helping airgun owners easily get their hands on everything they need to fill your PCP airguns with high-pressure air. Air Tanks Plus stocks a wide range of airgun accessories, from regulators and tanks to adaptors and hoses.

One of the newest products listed on the Air Tanks Plus website is the impressive Regman PCP Airgun Regulator 2.0, a handy device that works well to regulate airflow into your PCP airgun.

The RegMan 2.0 PCP Airgun Regulator is an adjustable external pressure regulator that sits between your PCP fill adapter and the fill port on your PCP airgun. The regulator is very simple to connect and you don’t need any special tools – you simply have to connect the fill adaptor to your tank and to the RegMan input, link the fill whip to the RegMan output, connect the other end to your gun, and you’re ready to shoot!

RegMan is a must-have if you’re wanting to improve your long-range shooting. With the RegMan regulator, you can rest assured that the regulated air supply with provide vital consistency with your shots, improving the accuracy of the airgun and making it much easier to hit your target every time.

One airgun user, Monte Buttell, reviewed the RegMan and said: “Totally impressed with the RegMan 2.0. It has made my Airforce Condor a 1-hole shooter at 50m, very consistent from shot to shot. I can’t wait till it warms up outside so I can get it on my .457 Airforce.”